Saturdaze Sound therapy 4:20 session


Price: $25.00

Presale: $20.00


November 3rd

November 24th

December 8th

January 19th

February 9th


Sesh at 4:00 pm

Class at 4:20 pm

Spend your Saturdaze medicating and meditating with McKenzie’s Sound therapy guided meditation session.

In this class, you will settle in for a meditation sound journey.

You want to be extremely comfortable for class so please bring a pillow, blanket or any other props you might need to settle into your perfect lying meditation position. Sound therapy instruments included 10-inch crystal singing bowl, 15-inch steal pan hand tongue drum, 10-inch gong, and Tingsha Tibetan meditation bells. Come and get blazed on Saturdaze.

Located at 

Elevated Yogi 

2930 E Jefferson Ave,

Detroit, MI 48207

(313) 444-9264

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