Little Yogis

Every Saturday at Yoga 4 Peace

11:30 a.m.-12:30 a.m.

Yoga 4 Peace offers classes on a donation basis.

Suggested donation: $5.00

Benefits of Children Practicing Yoga

  • Develop body awareness.
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.
  • Build concentration.
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image.
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.
  • Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices.


Little Yogi's is a fun way to introduce your child to yoga and meditation. Ages 4 - 12 years old are welcome to enjoy a class full of asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work), and fun.

*Please note that Yoga 4 Peace offers an adult class at the same time so you can get your zen on too.

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